26 July 2010

english-in-camp :)

hello :)
see the title ? 
english-in-camp right ?
so , this entry will be in english language
and maybe a little bit 'rojak' ya .
i'll try my best k ;)

huhu . urmm .

21 July 2010
we had arrived at SukabumiAdventure Community, Negeri Sembilan (SAC)
around 10 o'clock .
first , we arrived at one place ,
at our left , it was a building like a house .
but i don't know what is it .
heee :)
it was near to a row of shops .
then , we need to walk just for a little step ,
yeahh , that was what my teacher had said .
but , the reality ,
we need to walk for a long long way , you know .
huh . that what we as the students said .
our teacher just drove their car into the camp .
but we need to walk and walk with our things and begs and all such things .
but , i'm lucky . hoho . because i'm just bring a small bag for my clothes,
my school bag and a hanger of scarf .
huhu . what ? heyy , you bring , you carry larr .
hahahha :D 

ok . after for a long long journey ( long la sangat )
we arrived at the SAC .
heyy , it was a beautiful place you know .
with the nature around us .
it was a little bit near the forest .
and the SAC was joined with the forest .
i like it yoo !

when we enter the gate ,
first thing we saw was . . . 
you guess?
haha . don't know .
ok laa . i let you know .
it was a pool !
not too big and not too small .
it's not the clorox's water .
but , it was the river's water !
heyy , so fresh laa :DD

but i know ,
i can't swim in the pool .
why ? heyy . i'm a girl laa .
got free days :D
hahaha :p

after that , we go to the Arena Kamil for the first activity .
we do 'ice breaking' even we had know each other 'a little bit' .
hoho . because my school is big larr .
they are 86 of us that went to this camp .
so many laa . impossible i had already know them yet .
only a few person . huhuhu . so , we know each other .
then , we got our own group .
first , i was in group number seven .
then , there was a sister ,
she asked me , to change with her friends .
okay . i'm just accepted it because there was my friends in group number 8 .
so , now , i was in group number 8 .
the last group . hahah . hey , do i care ?
whatever .

hurm . you know what ?
in this camp , we had some rules .
the most importance rules was ,
we need to speak in english all the time we were in the camp .
first , i think it was . . arghh . what a such thing ?!
then , we tried it . we didn't felt shy or afraid .
we just talk what we want . even we know it was false .
yeahh . we know that we not too good in english .
but it didn't wrong if we want to try , right ?
it was really really exciting !

then , we need to gather in our own group .
discussed for our group name , war cry , trademark , songs and etc . 
our group name was 'eightcers' which is from the word 'eight' and 'acers' .
the idea is from my leader , Pavala Rani .
heyy , she was a good leader :D
acers means that we're good .
something like that laa .
i can't remember it . heee :) sorry :)

after that we get ready for our cultural night .
my team need to present it first .
ouchh . what the . . ?
haishh . it was very very worst drama you know ?
no one understand the story except us .
'bengang' !
huh . whatever . just forget it .
then , the other group present their drama .
wow ! it was interesting , funny and best larr .
even it was in english , but we enjoy ourselves enough :D

after that , we do the next activity .
we need to go into the nearest forest .
we can't go to far from the campsite .
we need to search for five types of fauna .
we need to catch it .
and observe about them .
their characteristics and others .

then , about 12 midnight , we go to sleep .
but i felt asleep only when the time was at 1 o'clock .
but , i'm was very tired and sleepy :)

22 July 2010
the next or last day .
i wake up around 4.30 a.m. 
the truth , my alarm was at 5.30 a.m.
but , because they're are to excited .
they woke up at 4 o'clock .
urghh . we need to gather at 8 o'clock you know ?!
it was tooo toooo early !
arh . whatever .
then , i fell asleep again .
at 5 o'clock i woke up and went for a bath .
around 5.30 a.m. ,
myself had get ready for the activity on this last day .
i sat at one of the big stones . 
there were sooo many big stones at the camp .
then , we 'lepak ramairamai' .
chatting , gossipping , laughing together :D
what a sweet memory i had :DD

after that , at 6.30 a.m. ,
they went for the prayer .
but i can't .
so , i just sit at there with the others who also can't .
wait , wait and wait .
it was around 7 a.m. 
we ate our breakfast using the chopstick .
we ate 'mee hoon goreng' .
hahaha . i ate with the gang of form 1 students .
and ofcoz my little brother ;)
heyy , they played with the chopstick .
they rolled the mee , pinched it using two hands and
many such a fool things .
but , it was also will be my sweet memory .
what the happy little funny boys .

then , started with the next activity .
we discussed about the great communicator .
then , we do treasure hunt .
but , without our leaders .
so , we need to do it by ourselves .
but , i like it soo much :D

and the last activity , ,
water confident !
the best activity that they very very like :D
me too .
even i can't joined them .
but i was a happy moments . :D
ouhh , i feel like flying on the sky :D
haha . fad , fad . stop 'berangan' k .
they swimming happily .
and need to cooperate with their group to 
swim at the deep level .
which was the end of the pool .
hahaha . they were like a little kids you know 
when they entered the pool .
haha . what the 'jakun' students :p
but , they were veryvery happy :D
that was what i see .
but the reality , i don't know .
hohoho .

then , the closing .
the best team was team number 1 .
faz's group . heyy congrates :D
you know , they celebrated all the student's that celebrate their birthday in July .
and Faz also one of them .
you're so lucky laa dear ;)

huhuhu . and along this camp .
we need to keep two balloons .
one was responsibility and another was accountability .
all the others balloons had pop ! hahah .
and only one had left .
which was keep by .  . 
me !

heyy , proud of it larr :DD
haha . i keep the responsibility balloon very well .
i take care of it so much .
heyy , see the hand larr :p
lastly , my little brother, Wan and my best friend , Faz
burst it together .
i hold the balloon , and they burst it using their name tag .
and all the other students , clapped their hand when they
heard the pop sound !
that are what they had doing when they heard the balloon burst .
heyy , what the frog .
so so naughty of us larr :D
and that were what we like ;)

and i want to say ,
many happy moments and sweet memory i had save
from this camp :)
and i miss it so much :D

and just ignored the bitter and worst things 
that had happened in this camp :)

kindly ,
Fadhilah :)

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